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American HQ group. 
Youtube HQ Citric acid experience cases Suddenly, hundreds of telephone bombs were suddenly sustained for several months, day and night, for several months. 
I deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by this. 
However, please be assured that your work is proceeding smoothly now.

Especially in Korea, KakaoTalk has opened a friend account, and many inquiries continue to be made. 
In addition to HQ citric acid, we have displayed about 50 excellent products developed by our company and offer special benefits to our customers. 
We have created a special compensation policy that allows us to do business together with saving money. 
I hope you will visit and lead the company together. 
We offer various benefits to our customers through [KATO-PLUS Friends] which is linked below. You must have KakaoTalk installed on your mobile or computer. Please click on the link above to add a friend and leave a simple greeting message. And check out more health product information and benefits. Even after your first purchase, you will be informed about good products and special sales and discount events through your car. In addition, we offer agent compensation policy to provide financial benefits for you. Thank you. 

[1] If you want to consult Dr. Choi with various cancer or incurable diseases, please join the chat room of KakaoTalk Plus and contact the staff of the head office. 
For reference, please take a look at Naver's blog, our company invention MIRAFAM 22, and various information attached to hospital medical records that have been cured of various cancers. 
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[2] If you do not use KakaoTalk, you can also use IM text, so please feel free to inform our staff. 
Please use the telephone number 0011 213 479 4460 to send a letter.

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 "HQ citric acid" - the best health gift from HQ Biotech

                                                                                                                  36 years of spreading citric acid - Since 1982

There are hundreds of citric acid products around the world and they have different flavors, colors and different effects.

HQ Citric acid is a product derived from know-how of more than 36 years, so we are proud to say that it is the product with the best efficacy among citric acid. HQ Citric acid is a 100% pure, organic, natural, alkali fermented food. There are two products of HQ citric acid, original and alpha.

HQ Citric Acid Original has been renowned for its excellent prophylaxis and treatment of all diseases. HQ Citric acid Alpha is another potent citric acid product developed especially for sensitive gastrointestinal disorders such as gastric hypertrophy and acid reflux. However, it is not related to reflux esophagitis.

Citric acid does not have the same efficacy and quality as our 'HQ citric acid original' and 'HQ citric acid alpha' proves this. In particular, Koreans misunderstand that citric acid is a product of one kind, and some of them are used for cleaning, detergent, industrial use and food additives. Now, even in Korea, we are confirming that we are taking steps to develop citric acid as medicine. So, if citric acid drugs are to come soon, they may have to buy them at prices that are dozens or even more than the current price. To obtain citric acid from fruits such as plums and lemons, hundreds of times the cost is high, while the efficacy is very weak compared to fermented citric acid. However, HQ citric acid is 100% non-polluting. It combines microbial fermentation enzymes with natural biomaterials, It is manufactured by fermentation aging process. Although HQ citric acid can be sold at a relatively low price, it can not be compared with expensive health products. Because of its ability to produce naturally and to control the disease, it has been known as a national health food for 36 years I keep it.

There is no harm to the human body except the person with a specific constitution, and it is effective when everybody who is young and old immediately eat after eating. It is also known as a mysterious citric acid that regulates almost 80-90% of blood sugar in any type of diabetes. It also cleanses the blood and cleanse the blood vessels.

The special recipe for HQ citric acid is provided separately for buyers, so we will not list them here in detail.

Therefore, it is essential that you keep it in your home. If you have any doubts about the disease, take the habit of looking for HQ citric acid everywhere and keep it close to your lifelong friends.


To make a payment after ordering, there is a small box called [Memo] on the right side of the window for entering card information. 
Please send us the type of citric acid you want and other requests. 
For diabetes, please choose unconditionally original green bottle citric acid. 
If you do not leave a note, you will receive 6 original bottles.

Generally gastritis, stomach ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases are the original green bottle. 
However, for gastric hyperplasia, gastric acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux, and gastrointestinal indigestion, it is recommended that you use Alpha for 3 months and change it back to original.

If you have diabetes and reflux is severe, you should start with 6 bottles of alpha. 
In order to fix diabetes, it is also a way to fix gastrointestinal disease by eating alpha, which is fermented much more aged than strong original ones. 
After that, please change to original.


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